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A new era of community news

THIS month sees the much anticipated launch of our new hyperlocal news website

Oxford Today will work alongside our existing community newspapers to provide an enhanced news and information service to all our readers, advertisers and sponsors, and is the natural next step for the Community Media Group.

Our commitment to providing news that is relevant, inspirational, aspirational and educational will continue, and we will CONTINUE to publish community newspapers for all the areas of Oxford that we currently serve.

Across the country and nationally, printed newspapers are struggling to survive. The Community Media Group is proud to have launched 12 newspapers, in addition to Leys News, over the last few years, and we will continue to offer printed papers for as long as we can. However, the climate in our industry is not necessarily stable and we need to future proof our activities so that we can continue to provide a good community news service.

Our Oxford volunteer news teams from the Leys, Cowley, Rosehill, Wood Farm, Littlemore, Northway and Risinghurst, Quarry and Sandhills will continue to provide content for their oriented papers, but will also have the opportunity to publish stories on line. This will be particularly useful for the papers that only publish every quarter, as it means there will be more opportunities to publicise community events and raise important issues.

Our new digital home will offer better opportunities for our volunteers and work experience students as they will learn how to write online news reports and record video footage. Some of the stories that appear on line will also feature in our printed newspapers, but we will also bring you some exclusive online stories.

As well as carrying community news, Oxford Today will also offer a much better service to anyone who needs to list an event, advertise a job vacancy or promote their business or organisation. We will continue to support local charities and community organisations by offering free entries, and local businesses who pay for advertising and sponsorship will be supporting our community news project by allowing us to spend more time training volunteers.

We have a Facebook page and can also be found on Twitter @oxfordtoday. Why not go over to and have a look at our new online home. Please do send us any feedback, as well as stories or other information that we can include. We are really excited about this new development, and we hope you are too.